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X9154 in Italian markings[1]

X9154 was a Fairey Albacore I


Ordered under contract no. B35944/39,[2] and built at Hayes by Fairey as c/n F5377,[N 1] X9154 was assigned to 821 squadron. The aircraft failed to return from a bombing raid on an enemy desert Landing Ground on 5 August 1942, as it had force landed at Fuka and was captured by the Italians.[N 2] The Albacore was repaired and flown by 9th Gruppo/4th Stormo, but was eventually abandoned in Tripoli as unusable on 23 September 1942.[4]


  1. This is the aircraft's unique Fairey company construction number.[3]
  2. The crew were all taken POW by the Italians.