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Rumored to have belonged to Hermann Göring, this aircraft was in the hands of Air Technical Intelligence at Villacoublay early in 1945, identified as 'GA-2'. Used as a communications aircraft by the Air Technical Intelligence teams[1] as FE-4610,[2] it was transferred to the USA aboard HMS Reaper, with the intention that it should continue to be used for this duty in the US, with an eye to its possible civilian certification and use as a flying trophy by members of that team.

It is believed that the '108' was ferried from Newark to Freeman Field on 23 August 1945 by Lt Robert Anspach. It was at Freeman Field on 17 May 1946 and was still there, in storage, on 01 August,[1] by which time the aircraft had been re-registered as T2-4610. This aircraft is currently owned by the Planes of Fame Museum at Chino, California.[2]