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Built as the final Fw 190D-13,[1] 836017 was flown until it's capture at Flensburg as Yellow 10 of JG26. Captured by the British and given number USA 14 before being shipped to the USA on HMS Reaper. From Flensburg, Yellow 10 was ferried to Gilze-Rijen airbase in the Netherlands and then to Cherbourg in France, where it was assigned the code FE-118 and loaded aboard the HMS Reaper to be transported to the USA, along with many other examples of Luftwaffe aircraft. Leaving Cherbourg on 19th of July 1945, the Reaper arrived at New York Harbor twelve days later and off loaded its cargo onto barges to be transported to Ford Field in Newark, NJ for storage and eventual transport to Freeman Field at Seymour, Indiana. Later the aircraft was renumbered to T2-118.

In 1955 considered surplus at Freeman Field, it was donated to the Georgia Institute of Technology. Changing hands a few times[2] saw the aircraft in 1972 moved to Günzburg, West Germany for restoration, which was completed in 1976. This aircraft then went to the Champlin Fighter Collection in Arizona, and later to the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington. It is now with the Flying Heritage Collection, Paine Field, Everett, Washington.[3][4]