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Flown by Uffz. Oswald Fischer of 10.(Jabo)/JG26 as White 11, 7232 was hit by Anti-Aircarft Artillery over Brighton Harbour on 20th May 1942, when Fischer and another pilot tried to sink with bombs a big ship there. The AAA fire was very fierce and one flak shell hit and damaged the aircraft, prompting Fischer to make an emergency landing in the Beachy Head area, resulting in aircraft and pilot being captured. Following repairs to the minor damage suffered, the Bf 109F was sent to RAF Farnborough for testing.

On 21st August 1942 the aircraft was moved to RAF Collyweston, where it was renovated,[N 1] RAF testing starting on 24th of October 1942, When F/Lt R. F. Forbes flew the aircraft on the 24th October, still in Luftwaffe markings, at Collyweston. Three days later it had been painted in RAF colours and given the serial NN644. The port wing and aileron where damaged when it ground looped on landing at Thurleigh, Bedfordshire on 7 January 1944. The Messerschmitt passed to the Enemy Aircraft Flight at Tangmere on 31 January 1945, and went into store at No.47 MU (Maintenance Unit) Sealand on 1 November 1945.[2] The aircraft was most likely scrapped soon afterwards.

Colour Scheme[]

The camouflage initially consisted of Dark Green and Earth Brown colours at the top surfaces, later replaced by a Dark Green/Ocean Grey upper camouflage scheme.[N 2]


  1. This resulted in replacement of the engine, and removal of the armament and gunsight. [1]
  2. Both schemes featured yellow undersides and the White number 11 and bomb emblem of the previous owners.[1]