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Fitted with FuG 220 Lichtenstein SN-2 radar and the FuG 227 Flensburg and FuG 350 Naxos homing devices, Werk Nr 712273 was stationed at Langendiebach (near Frankfurt, Germany).[1]

On July 13, 1944, Obergefreiter J. Maekle landed 4R+UR in error at Woodbridge, Suffolk, making 712273 the first Ju 88 fitted with FuG 220, FuG 227 and FuG 350 to be captured intact by the Allies. Examination of this aircraft and it's equipment revealed that FuG 220 operated on a frequency of 90 megacycles - a part of the spectrum not covered by the Window anti radar foil strips then used by the Allies, while the homing devices FuG 227 and FuG 350 were found to be respectively tuned to Monica tail warning and H2S navigation/bombing radars used by RAF bombers.[N 1]

4R+UR was transferred to Farnborough and, with RAF serial, underwent extensive testing. Flown by test pilot Eric Brown on 17 October 1945,[2] TP190 was scrapped shortly afterwards.[1]


  1. Within 10 days of 4R+UR's capture, the RAF were dropping a new type of Window tailored to FuG 220, while the Monica sets were quickly removed.[2]


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