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Coded C9+AA of NJG5, this aircraft was fitted with an unusual SN-2 aerial configuration. The aerials were mounted in this fashion in an experiment to determine whether the SN-2 would be less sensitive to 'Window' jamming, more effective in detecting high-flying bombers, and more efficient in detecting Mosquitoes approaching from behind and below.

This particular aircraft was assigned to Eichenlaubtrager Major Rudolf Schonert, the Kommodore of NJG5 at Lubeck-Blankensee, who is thought to have flown the machine with this installation only once. On that occasion, during a sortie east of the Elbe on 27 April 1945, an electrical fault rendered the radar unserviceable and the Ju 88 was shot down by a Mosquito.[1]

Registered as Air Min 14 following it's capture, the aircraft was damaged beyond repair in July 1945.[2]