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This aircraft was an FW 190 F-8 built by Arado at the Warnemünde factory in 1944, and converted to two-seat standard by R Sochor Fabrik at Blansko during November.[N 2] The aircraft was surrendeded to British forces.[2]

After being moved to the collection centre at Schleswig, 584219 was flown to Farnborough, with new id, by Flt Lt Lawson on 2 September 1945, before being flown to 6 MU at Brieze Norton, Oxfordshire, by Lt Cdr Eric 'Winkle' Brown, and placed into storage three days later. Selected for presevation by the Air Historical Branch the following year, the aircraft was stored in various locations over the following decade, before appearing at the Little Rissington Battle of Britain Day commemoration, wearing Luftwaffe livery, RAF markings and Air Ministry number.[3]


  1. Also known as Fw 190S8
  2. One source attributes the conversion work to the Fieseler works at Kassel.


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