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494083 is thought to have been built during 1943-4, as one of 1,178 Ju87 D-5 ground-attack variants ordered, but was later modified to G-2 standard, which included the fitting of underwing mounting points for the two 37mm (1.46inch) Bk37/Flak 18 cannon carried by this variant. [N 1]

After the war, it was one of 12 captured German aircraft selected by the British for museum preservation. In 1967, permission was given to use the aircraft in the film Battle of Britain and it was repainted and modified to resemble a 1940 variant of the Ju 87. The engine was found to be in excellent condition and there was little difficulty in starting it, but returning the aircraft to airworthiness was ultimately too costly for the filmmakers, and two highly modified Percival Proctor s were used in the film to represent Stukas. The film modifications were only finally removed, and the aircraft returned to the original G-2 configuration, in 1998.[4]


  1. The werke number may have been changed from 2883 (D-5) to 494083 when rebuilt as a G-2, of which 210 were produced. [2]. Hards (027926) suggests G-2 outer wings fitted to a D-3 ground attack variant airframe.[3]