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Built by Mraz at Chocen, Czechoslovakia [N 2] during the spring of 1945,[2] and operated by an unknown unit as RR+KE,[3] 475081 was captured at Flensburg, and designated Air Min 101.

Flown to the Royal Aircraft Establishment on 5 September 1945, the aircraft was re-coded VP546 in May 1946.[2][N 3]

Used primarily by the RAE Aerodynamics Flight, the aircraft was landed aboard the carrier HMS Triumph by Captain Eric 'Winkle' Brown on 28 May 1946, coming to a stop on the aft lift. Before it's return, the aircraft was used to photograph the approach path to a carrier, something that had not been properly accomplished before.[2]

Following it's retirement, the aircraft was placed on display in the RAF Museum, Cosford.[1]


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  2. Chocen is now located in the Czech Republic
  3. The RAF Museum entry for the aircraft lists the RAF serial as VP746,[4] which was never allocated.[5]


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