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Assigned to the German battleship Admiral Hipper as T3+?H, Werk Nr 44 participated in the operation Weserübung, the invasion of Scandinavian countries during April 1940.[1]

On April 8th, 1940, an Ar 196 A-2 (probably WNr 44 "T3+?H") catapulted from Admiral Hipper, landed short of fuel at Lyngstad, near Kristiansund, and was captured by the Norwegians. Lieutenant Kaare Kjos, pilot of MF 11 seaplane, flew it to Aunøy. The German marks were erased on April 12th and the Norwegian marks added on the tail. It was allocated to FA-2 (Flyavdeling) and then sent on April 19th to England. The MAEE (Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment) tested the aircraft until it was destroyed on April 26th during take-off (the pilot, CF C.W. Byas, was injured).[2]