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Entered service with the SeenotGruppe 81 as VH+JM. Unservicable at Bug auf Rügen on 25 April 1945, the aircraft was surrendered at Guldborg in Denmark in May 1945. Allocated the Air Ministry Number AM116, it was part of the evacuation of Guldborg to Schleswig on 18 June 1945. Ferried from Schleswig to Felixtowe on 6 December 1945, it was allocated RAF serial VN870 on 20 December, and placed on the strength of the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment, for tests with the Air-Sea-Rescue equipment, on 27 December[1] (alongside VN865, which was used for type trials.)[2]

On 1 June 1946 it was awaiting disposal because of the lack of resources to maintain the aircraft. Still present at Felixtowe in April 1947, it was collected by J. Dale & Co on 14 November 1947 for reduction to scrap.[1]