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Werk Nr 191316 is a


191316 was one of the aircraft that fell into British hands during the end of World War 2. Transferred to the UK, 191316 was kept at RAF Halton until 1964, [N 1] before the aircraft was loaded onto a Pickfords low-loader for its journey to the Science Museum.[N 2]

The Komet was modified somewhat before it was hung from the ceiling - The engine being removed for separate display, and the armoured nose-cone was swapped for a replacement piece. [N 3]


  1. Whether it was there as a training aid for the Aircraft Apprentice School, or only as a restoration project, is not clear.
  2. Some people claim that 191316 is the Komet displayed at the Deutsches Museum, Munich, possibly due to both airframes bearing the same Yellow 6 marking.
  3. This was done to either restore the center of gravity, following removal of the engine, or to reduce the overall weight.[2]