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Built by Fieseler at Kassel,[2] and operated by SKG 10[N 2] as H+, 147155 was landed in error by Feldwebel Otto Bechtolt[4] at West Malling, during the early hours of 17th April 1943.

Repainted in RAF markings, 147155 was re-serialed as PE882.[5] Flown by the Royal Aircraft Establishment from 20 April 1943, the aircraft initially retained it's wing bomb pylons and fuselage bomb rack, but these had been removed[6] by the time Captain E M Brown made his initial flight in the aircraft on 4 February 1944.

In mid April 1944, PE882 was transferred to No. 1426 (Enemy Aircraft) Flight, with whom it remained until 13 October, when an in flight engine fire led to the aircraft crashing onto the road between Kettering and Stamford, and demolishing three walls, before coming to rest in the garden of a house,[5] resulting in the death of the pilot, F/Lt Ernest Richards Lewenden.[7]


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  3. Note the chalket advice present on the inner leading edges of both wings, and also on the lower cowing. Note the Black distemper does not reach up the upper parts of the cowling, allowing the original undersides RLM76 Lichgrau to show through. The Black finish completely covers all fuselage, fin and underside markings except for the Yellow , and even this is toned down. The graffiti artist has been at work on both sides of the fuselage.[4](Note also the absence of the wing bomb pylons, which were actually still in place at this point, as shown by the heading photograph).


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