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Manufactured by Heinkel at Rostock-Marienehe,[1] 120222 was one of three captured examples, along with Werk Nr 120077 and Werk Nr 120017, taken to the USA for evaluation. Following removal of the individual number, 120222 was allocated it's evaluation codes,[N 1] and flown to Freeman Field, Seymour, Indiana.[2]

Arriving at Freeman by 1 August 1946, the aircraft was permantly grounded when, sometime before September 1946, someone neatly sawed through the outer wing panels. The wings were reattached with door hinges, and the jet was shipped to air shows and military displays around the country.[1] Later taken to Wright Field, 120222 was presented to the Smithsonian Museum in 1947.[2] Remaining in storage at Park Ridge, Illinois, until transfer to the Garber Facility in January 1955, the aircraft is at present with the National Air and Space Museum, Silver Hill, Maryland.[1]


  1. The Lutfwaffe Warplane Survivors webpage states 120222 was coded FE-493, (later T2-493), and was scrapped at Park Ridge, Pennsylvania in 1950. These details actually apply to Werk Nr 120067.[1]


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