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Believed to have been operated by the staff of Admiral Karl Doenitz[2] as "3X+AA", Werk Nr 0173 was captured intact at Grove/Denmark[N 1] and, after being re-designated Air Min 27,[3] was ferried from Schleswig (Northern Germany) to Farnborough on 3rd August 1945 by a F/Lt. Taylor. Flown from RAE to Brize Norton on 18th January 1946[1] by Captain E M Brown,[4] the aircraft was sold on 12th December 1946 to Portsmouth Aviation Ltd., where it was later sold as scrap to a scrap dealer at Gosport. [5]


  1. In his book Wings of the Luftwaffe, Captain Eric Melrose Brown states that he found the aircraft abandoned at Flensburg, and briefly used it as his personal 'hack' for trips between the UK and the Continent. Brown states that, after replacing the Fw 189 with a Siebel Si 204D, due to the latter's greater internal capacity, and following the smaller aircraft's retirement from service with the RAE, it was flown by him to RAF Brize Norton and placed in storage, before being destroyed in a gale.


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