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Built by Gloster,[2] W9147 was operated by 43 Squadron,[3] before being assigned to 55 OTU as PA-A.

On 18 September 1941, Sgt Augustin Přeučil was using W9147 to perform mock air combat training with a student at 55 OTU, based at RAF Unsworth, when his aircraft developed problems and subsequently disappeared. In fact, Přeučil was a traitor recruited by the Gestapo before his arrival in the UK, and he'd faked the problems in order to fly back to occupied Europe.[N 2] The Hurricane was subsequently displayed in the Museum for Transport & Technology in Berlin,[5] where it was presumably destroyed during an Allied bombing raid.


  1. Some sources incorrectly describe W9147 as a Mk IIa[1]
  2. Přeučil continued to work for the Gestapo until the war ended. After the war, he was arrested, tried, and on 14 Apr 1947 hanged for treason.(An on screen caption for episode S08E09 of Most Haunted, displayed during a pre vigil walkround at the North East Aircraft Museum, stated that Přeučil was also guilty of embezziling Nazi funds.[4])


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