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Originally operated by the DPRKAF (North Korean Air force), possibly as Black 32[1][2] T2-3002 (original serial unknown) was found in airworthy condition by Marines at Kimpo airfield on 17 September 1950, and subsequently shipped to USA for evaluation, arriving at Buffalo for rebuild by the Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory. The Yak-9P was assigned the serial number T2-3002, with the first flight in US hands occurring on 21 September 1951. The aircraft accumulated 23 hours and 55 minutes of flying time in all, making it's last flight on 12 December. Following the conclusion of the tests, the Yak-9P was allotted to the USAF Museum in the mid-1950s. Sadly, due to lack of storage space, it was scrapped in 1958. Interestingly, it is alleged that the Yak was offered back to the Soviet Union as a gift by the USAF![3]