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Originally operated as aircraft 55 of the 57th Aviation Assault Regiment, T2-3001 was one of two Il-10s abandoned at Seoul-Kimpo airfield, along with aircraft 44, following the Inchon landings, before being captured in mid September 1950 by the US Marines. Both were captured with both forward 23mm forward guns, and two 7.6 mm forward guns, also the 12.7mm rear turret MG and 4 rockets!

Both aircraft were shipped to the US, first to Cornell University (Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory) in Buffalo, NY, arriving there on 24 January 1951. While Cornell fully restored one IL-10 (aircraft 44, now T2-3000) to flying condition, before it was delivered to Wright-Patterson AFB on 8 May 1951, the second IL-10 (aircraft 55, now T2-3001) was stored at Wright-Patt.[N 1]


  1. T2-3001 was presumably retained as a source of spare parts for T2-3000.[2]