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Built by Sopwith at Kingston-upon-Thames, and fitted with a Le Rhone engine, N6161 was delivered to the aircraft depot at Dunkirk on 25 January 1917, before being allocated to No 3 Squadron
RNAS.[2] Brought down in nearly perfect condition near Blankenberghe by Flugmeister Carl Meyer of Seeflugstation Flandern 1 on 1 February 1917,[N 1] N6161 was then re-painted and given German markings, before being used for evaluation and trials with the German Air Service. Not all post-capture test flights were successful with N6161, as indicated by the infobox image, depicting her having broken her under cart and nosed over. [N 2]

Although much of the subsequent history of N6161 is unknown, it was added to the UK civil register as G-ELRT on 19 May 2015,[3] appearing on the Military Aircraft Markings update list for the following month.[4] The aircraft's rebuilt engine was tested by the Thulin company in April 2016, joining the Retrotec restord airframe at Duxford for reassembly on 19 July. Due to undergo flight tests during August 2016, N6161 is scheduled to make it's display debut at the Duxford Air Show on 10-11 September 2016.[2]


  1. The pilot of the Pup, Flight-Sub-Lieutenant G. L. Elliott, was made a Prisoner of War.
  2. It is interesting to note that, although the markings were completely changed to those of Imperial Germany, the aircraft retained its RFC serial number.


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