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MK698 was a Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX.


Ordered from Castle Bromwich, as one of 2,100 Mk VC aircraft, on 28 May 1942, as the ninth order of Contract B981687/39/C.23(c),[1] MK698 was completed as a Mk IX, and passed to 9 Maintenance Unit on 5 April 1944, before being assigned to 313 Squadron on 3 May. After being sent to Miles Aircraft Limited on 18 July, MK698 was transferred to 401 Squadron on 31 August, before failing to return from operations while flying with 412 Squadron on 5 December,[2] when it was damaged by Bf 109s south of Wesel. After force-landing near Wachtendonk (Krefeld) the pilot, P/O CWH Glithevo, became a Prisoner of War.[3]

Following repairs, repainting and recoding, as T9+EK, the aircraft joined Zirkus Rosarius, and was based at Hannover - Wunstorf in January 1945. The aircraft's subsequent fate is unknown.[3]


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