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Ordered from Castle Bromwich, as one of 2,100 Mk VC aircraft, on 28 May 1942, as the ninth order of Contract B981687/39/C.23(c),[2] MK698 was completed as a Mk IX, and passed to 9 Maintenance Unit on 5 April 1944, before being assigned to 313 Squadron on 3 May. After being sent to Miles Aircraft Limited on 18 July, MK698 was transferred to 401 Squadron on 31 August, before failing to return from operations,[3] when it was damaged by Bf 109s south of Wesel - the pilot, P/O CWH Glithevo, became a Prisoner of War. Following repairs, repainting and recoding, the aircraft joined Zirkus Rosarius, and was based at Hannover - Wunstorf in January 1945. The aircraft's subsequent fate is unknown.[4]


  1. May be MB945, call sign T9+BB[1]


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