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Requested as part of a Mk VC order submitted on 12 May 1942 under contract B197813/39,[2] MB945 was built at Chattis Hill as a PR XI, with c/n 4875, between July and 7 October 1943, when it made it's first flight at Benson. Passed to the USAAF on 30 October,[3] the aircraft was assigned to 7 PRG, 14 PRS, based at Mount-Farm. Flown by Lt. Franklyn I. Van Wart on 1 March 1944, [4] the aircraft was reported as lost in the English Channel,[3] but was actually captured by the Germans, repaired and flown as part of Zirkus Rosarius as T9 + BB.


  1. Known to Supermarine as either Type 365 (Production) or Type 374 (Converted Mk IX).[1]


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