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Kampfgeschwader 200 (KG 200) (in English Bomber Wing 200) was a German Luftwaffe special operations unit during World War II. The unit carried out especially difficult bombing and transport operations, long-distance reconnaissance flights, tested new aircraft designs and operated captured aircraft.[2][3][4]


The unit's history began in 1934, when the Luftwaffe, impressed with Oberst (Colonel) Theodor Rowehl's aerial reconnaissance missions over Poland, formed a special squadron under Rowehl's lead that was attached to the Abwehr, Germany's military intelligence department. As the Abwehr started to lose the Führer's goodwill during the war, a new reconnaissance unit, the 2nd Test Formation, was formed in 1942 under the command of Werner Baumbach. This unit was combined with 1st Test Formation in March 1944 to form KG 200.

On 11 November 1944 Baumbach became Geschwaderkommodore. All aerial special-ops missions were carried out by KG 200 under Baumbach's command.[5]


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