After the end of the war US forces were surprised to find a Ki-83, because it was an aircraft they knew nothing about before the occupation of Japan. After the discovery the Ki-83 was flight-tested by the Allies at the Matsumotu Army Air Base in Japan. In December 1945 the Ki-83 was shipped to the Alameda Air Station near San Francisco, California aboard the USS Tulagi escort carrier. Upon arrival in the USA the Ki-83 was given the Foreign Evaluation number FE-151 and was flown some more.

By February 1946, it was at the Middletown Air Depot (now Harrisburg International Airport) at Middletown, Pennsylvania and available for examination by the US aircraft industry. In September 1946, the Ki-83 was allotted to the Air Force Museum, but evidently these plans fell through. The Ki-83’s last known whereabouts -by now wearing a T2-151 registration- were at Orchard Field Airport (now O’Hare Airport) Special Depot in Park Ridge, Illinois in 1949. There are no further details of its fate and it is presumed to have been scrapped at Park Ridge in 1950.

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