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This Fw 190 was captured in North-Africa. It was at Wright Field on 20th August 1943 after shipment from North Africa. It was assigned for flight tests to be carried out, to determine speed versus altitude curves for the type, climb rates and stalling speeds in various configurations. EB-101 made its first test flight after overhaul in February 1944. It was flown to Eglin Field, Florida, on 7th March 1944, for armament trials. Its place in the program to evaluate Fw 190 performance was taken over by EB-104. As at the 1st of April 1944 EB-101 was awaiting replacement of its propeller at Eglin. The aircraft was later renumbered USAAF FE-497 and later designated T2-497. Recorded as "in storage in incomplete condition" at Freeman Field on 1st August 1946, a later report, dated 6 March 1947[1] brought out an even worse condition:

  • Instruments not installed,
  • Hydraulic system not installed,
  • Landing gear installed, but not operational,
  • Engine not installed.

Some time later the Fw 190 was scrapped at Wright Field.[2]