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Powered by Merlin 21/23 engines, DZ466 was built at Hatfield under contract 555/C.23(a). Converted to PR.IV standard during December 1942[2] and January 1943, DZ466 was subsequently assigned to 540 Squadron.

On 20 February 1943, F/O Payne and Sgt Kent took off from Benson in DZ466, to make a photographic reconnaissance of Vienna and Linz area, but failed to return.[N 1]

DZ466 landed at Rosaires Beach, Plérin, resulting in both crewmwmbers becoming POWs.[4]


  1. The squadron ORB states that DZ466 was tracked by RDF whilst returning. The plot was then lost, and 20 mins later a faint SOS was received by base (Benson) D/F station.[3]