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Aircraft History[]

Built by both Shōwa and Nakajima, the L2D 'Tabby' was a license-built version of the Douglas DC-3.

Wartime History[]

This L2D3 -with increased cockpit glazing as compare to the earlier L2D2- was captured on 3 May 1945 at Zamboanga Airfield (Wolf Field), missing its left propeller. Repaired and flown back to Clark Field by TAIU-SWPA. Received the code S15 by the TAIU-SWPA and the name "Tokyo Express" and painted with American markings and flight tested.[1] Inspection and flight testing of this and other captured L2D3, -4 and -5 aircraft showed that because of Japan’s use of plywood on fairings, tail cone, surface controls, and doors, it out-performed the US version of the DC-3. The 30 part wood, part metal versions were all sent to the scrap pile.[1]


The ultimate fate of S15 is unknown, likely scrapped or otherwise disappeared.[2]