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Built by Nakajima April 1944. True serial number 356, the 356th produced by Nakajima.

Delivered to the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN). Assigned to ? Kōkūtai. Tail Code 8-36 with a white horizontal line below the tail code. Painted with green upper surfaces and gray lower surfaces. During 1944, operated from Aslito Airfield on Saipan.

During the night of June 16-17, 1944 captured intact by the U. S. Army 27th Infantry Division at Aslito Airfield.

This Zero was one of fifteen aircraft (plus spare engines) were loaded aboard USS Copahee including A6M5 1303, A6M5 4340, A6M5 5350, A6M2 5352, A6M5 5356 (this aircraft) and A6M5 5357. All were transported to the United States.[1]

During 1944-1945, this Zero was studied for technical evaluation then placed into storage.


Ultimate fate unknown, it was likely scrapped or has otherwise disappeared.