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On 3 November 1945, in the harbour of Yokosuka, two Mitsubishi J8M rocket fighter aircraft, captured at the Mitsubishi Nagoya plant, were taken aboard the escort carrier USS Barnes (CVE-20) to the United States for evaluation. Upon arrival in the USA one went to the US Navy, the other to the USAAF. The USAAF aircraft, C/n 403, having received the US designation FE-300 (later T2-300), was displayed at Hollywood, California in August 1946.


C/n 403 is exhibited now at the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, California since its recovering from a Los Angeles fairground display and subsequent purchase by Edward Maloney. Before the museum was in its present location the aircraft was kept in storage by Edward Maloney the first ten years (1948-1958) and when the Museum opened on its first location in Claremont, California it was brought out for display (1958-1965). The museum then moved to Ontario, Califoria where it could be seen from 1965 to 1970, until it came to its present location where it is on display since 1975 (bar for a short visit to Japan between February and May 1980).[1]

The other J8M (identity unknown), that of the US Navy, was seen at NAS Glenview in October 1946, but was later scrapped.