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Built at Zavod 31 in Gorki,[1] this aircraft left the factory on 11 August 1942, and was - probably - assigned to 524th IAP as White 57.[2] After a short period of service, 3121357 was damaged by the Finnish pilot Altto Tervo, during a combat over the Olonets isthmus on September 14th, 1942. Captured by Finnish forces after a forced landing in a meadow at Ala-Sedoksa[3], near Nurmoila, the aircraft was repaired by the Finns, and joined LeLv 32 as LG-3 in the end of 1942,[4][5] flown by Warrant Officer E. Koskinen.[6]

During the summer of 1944, LG-3 was slightly modified:

  • The antenna mast was shortened;
  • The tail wheel was made fixed, and its doors were locked in closed position;[N 1]
  • The upper part of the yellow band on the nose was repainted olive green, to make it less evident from above.[7]

After this modification the aircraft returned to service with HLeLv 11 on 4 December 1944. Last flight was on 29 January 1945.[6]


  1. This could have been done because of the unreliability of the mechanism; the doors were slightly cut to fit the leg.



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