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Assigned to 524 IAP of the 7th Air Army as Silver 71, this LaGG-3 was shot down by Finnish a/a artillery on March 6, 1942, near Nurmoila air base on the Olontets isthmus. The landing was good; the pilot survived, but shot himself before being captured.

The aircraft was probably of 4th/7th series, and its characteristics were:

  • sharp prop spinner;
  • tubular exhaust stacks;
  • 1 ShVAK 20 mm firing through the propeller shaft;
  • 1 12,7 UB machine gun guns on the left side of the engine cowling, and relative holes on the left side of the cowling;
  • 2 x 7,62 mm ShKAS machine guns on the engine cowling;
  • engine cowling with fast locks on lower panel only;
  • rounded side plates behind the exhaust stacks;
  • rectangular supercharger intakes;
  • long radio mast;
  • straight rudder with upper balance mass only;
  • fixed tail wheel;
  • no slats, pitot on the right leading edge.

According to the Finnish book "Punatähtestä hakaristiin" (from red star to swastika), this plane was restored as LG-1, while Black 29 was utilized only for spare parts.[N 1]


  1. This could be an error because Black 29, which has also been identified as LG-1, appeared to be in better condition in the available photos.[1][2] [3]