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One of 100 F.1 Camels ordered from Clayton and Shuttleworth Ltd, B7184 was built in Lincoln and delivered during December 1917.

Allocated to N3 Squadron at Calais and delivered by road(!) on 14 January 1918, B7184 was on the 14:00 patrol on 21 January, when it was shot down by Ltn C Degelow of Jasta 7, west of Zarren; Flight-Sub Lieutenant H St.John E Youens became a prisoner of war.

B7184 was adopted by Ltn Otto Kissenberth (an ace who wore spectacles when flying) of Jasta 23B (usually flying Albatros D.Vs), had the roundels over painted with crosses and his staffel’s identifying black and white tail bands applied, although he retained an RNAS eagle marking on the fuselage sides, just behind the cockpit.

On 16 May 1918 Kissenberth achieved his 19th victory (or possibly his 20th) when he flew B7184 in combat and shot down Lt SB Reece of 64Sqn in an SE5a, although Reece survived his forced landing at Tilly-Neville, behind the Allied lines. B7184 was destroyed when its engine failed on take off on 29 May 1918, stalling from 40 metres and badly injuring Kissenberth, finishing his front line career.