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Built as c/n B-797 in 1979, AE-520 was test flown by the manufacturers as N31786, before being delivered to the Comando de Aviacion de Ejercito Argentino at Campo de Mayo, overflying Iguazu Falls en route.

As CG-101 of the Comando de Aviacion de Ejercito Argentino, AE-520 was among the Chinooks flown to the Falkland Islands on 18 April 1982. Based at Port Stanley, AE-520 was captured intact on 14 June 1982, and transferred to RNAY Fleetlands as ZH257, before going to DARA Fleetlands as ground instruction airframe 9217M, where it was noted as being stored on 16 September 1993.[2]

On 23rd November 1999 Chinook HC.2 registration ZA704 (Boeing build number B-834) had an accident whilst on exercise at Soz, Oman. Unfortunately whilst carrying out a run-on landing, the rear rotors touched the ground and this consequently ripped off the aft transmission, together with the structural pylon, which was subsequently replaced with the one from AE-520. [N 2]

The current status of the remainder of the airframe is unknown.



  1. Photograph taken by Martin Pole at Portsmouth - Fleetlands (EGVF), England, June 11, 1983 - Someone with a sense of humour has been playing Scrabble with the previous player's word! - EJERCITO.[1]
  2. As the RAF Chinook HC.2’s are equivalent to the CH-47D, it was necessary to make a number of modifications to the donor pylon prior to attaching it to the recipient aircraft.[3]