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Delivered to Argentina on 10 October 1978, AE-424 was sent to the Falklands on 23 April 1982 in C-130H TC-65. After escaping from a couple of Harrier GR.3s on 21 May, AE-424 was used to rescue a pilot of an A-4Q Skyhawk, who had ejected over the sea. AE-424 was part of a rescue force for the commandos near San Carlos ( Bluff Cove). Subsequently used to carried ammo and supplies for the Argentine forces in Darwin and Goose Green, and perform CSAR in Darwin on 28 May, AE424 spent the next day deploying Commandos in Mount Kent, before recovering another group at Big Mountain. Thanks to the warning of a TPS-43 radar, AE-424 escaped from a section of Sea Harriers on 5 June. The following day, AE-424 landed in the middle of a combat between Argentine marines and members of the SAS, evacuating some of them with the help of AE-418 and AE-422.[3]

Captured by British forces at the end of the Falkland Islands conflict, AE-424 became VP-FBD of Falkland Islands Government Air Services (an unofficial registration). Sold to Grampian Helicopters, and registered G-BMLA on 17 January 1986, the helicopter was damaged when a hangar collapsed at Headcorn on 14 January 1987, resulting in cancellation of the registration on 3 September 1987. Sold September 1988 to B H. Pacific Pty as VH-UHE, the helicopter was purchased by Papua New Guinea Defense Force on 27 July 1992,[2] becoming P2-405.[4]