Originally of 3/KG30, the aircraft landed by mistake at Broadfield Down airfield (Lulsgate Bottom), near Bristol, after a night raid on Birkenhead on 23/24 July 1941. It was taken on charge by the Royal Aircraft Establishment as EE205 and, after tactical trials with the Air Fighting Development Unit, was flown to No. 1426 Flight, then at Duxford, on 28 August 1942. In 1945 EE205 was transferred to the Enemy Aircraft Flight of the Central Fighter Establishment at Tangmere, Sussex, and finally to No. 47 Maintenance Unit for storage in November 1945.

During it's time with 1426 flight, German markings were temporarily re-applied to EE205, for it's apperance in the 1943 film The Adventures of Tartu.

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