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Built as c/n 422-5714, 44-24710 was assigned to 5th PRG, and operated by them until it was captured by the Luftwaffe on 9 December 1944,[2] while being flown by 2Lt. Don E. Walters.[3] The loss was recorded in MACR 10127.[2]

Camera loaders 5th PRG

5th PRG ground crew working with cameras from one of the group's aircraft.


  1. The aircraft, F-5A-10 #42-13123, was lost in action on September 11, 1944, when Lt. Col. James F. Setchell of HQ, 90th Photo Wing (the 5th Photo Reconnaissance Group was attached to this Wing) ditched the aircraft off the coast of Greece near Athens during a low-altitude photo mission (which he survived).[1]