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Assigned to the 4th Fighter Group, 334th Fighter Squadron, 43-24825 was given the name *Jerry*,[3] and allocated to 2nd Lt.Thomas E.Fraser.[2]

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43-24825 in Luftwaffe scheme.[4]

Captured on D-Day near Cambrai, France, 43-24825 was consequently impressed into German service,[4] receiving the Luftwaffe code T9+HK.[5] After testing at Rechlin, it was added to the stable of the Zirkus Rosarius, led by Hptm 'Ted' Rosarius, and it was toured around various Axis airbases to train Luftwaffe pilots, performing mock air fights amongst other things. It was lost later that same year, killing the pilot Oblt Leo Potjans, on December 10th 1944.[4]