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Built by Boeing as c/n 5260, 42-30146 was assigned to 333rd BS, 94th BG, recieving the name Down and Go.

Captured during a mission to Warnemunde on 29 July 1943,[2] the aircraft, piloted by Lieutenant Ned Palmer, begun to develop problems soon after take off. Both inner engines failed and the pilot was forced to disable them. However, the crew wanted to drop some bombs on Germany, and flew forward. Shortly before reaching the target, engine number four overheated, and the pilot had to disable it too.[N 1] The navigator set course for Sweden, but the plane landed on a Wehrmacht exercise field in Avedore Holme, Denmark. Encircled by German soldiers, the crew was able to destroy the aircraft's secret Norden sight. The aircraft was then transported to Kastrup, Denmark and repaired by Heinkel plants' engineers. After repairs and the traditional period of trials in Rechlin, the plane was transferred to KG 200 in Spring 1944,[3] recieving ID code A3+EE, which was later changed to A3+BB.

On 9 February 1945 the aircraft exploded on takeoff, killing the crew and 10 Vichy agents.[2]


  1. USAAF Serial records webpage states the aircraft had been hit by flak.[2]