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Built under licence by Douglas Aircraft at Tulsa.

While on a practice training mission - their first mission of any kind - the crew[N 1] got lost, and ended up with 41-28641 being damaged by flak, forcing a crash-landing at a Luftwaffe airfield. Repaired by the Germans and flown by KG200, the aircraft was recaptured at Salsburg, Austria in May 1945.[3]


  1. 2nd Lt. John R. Turner - Pilot, 2nd Lt. Raymond G. Emerson - Co-Pilot, 2nd Lt. Boyd G. McClure - Navigator, 2nd Lt. George M. Stimik - Bombardier, S/Sgt. Martin W. Nissen - Engineer/Gunner, S/Sgt. Aubrey R. Weldon - Radio Operator, Sgt. Leo F. Walton, Jr. - Top Turret Gunner, Sgt. Chester A. O'Donnell - Ball Turret Gunner, Sgt. William D. Upchurch - Waist Gunner and Sgt. Frithjof G.M. Tollefsen - Tail Gunner