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Built as c/n 3270, 24585 was originally operated by 360th BS, 303rd BG as PU-B,[2] and given the name Wulfe Hound.[1]

Based at RAF Molesworth, the aircraft force-landed at Melun, France on 12 December 1942, after attacking the Rouen-Sotteville railroad marshaling yards, becoming the first B-17 captured intact by the Luftwaffe.[3][N 1] Flight tested at Rechlin the Luftwaffe's famed test facility airfield as DL+XC,[3], Wulfe Hound visited fighter units throughout Germany and France, so that pilots could recognize the Fortress's strengths and weaknesses. Wulf Hound then returned to Rechlin in July 1943, before being transferred to KG 200 in September 1943 as A3+AE.

The aircraft was eventually destroyed in an American bombing raid against the airfield at Oranienburg on 10 April 1945.[N 2]


  1. Wulfe Hound's American pilot, Lieutenant Paul Flickenger, said that he always felt guilty because his was the first B-17 that the Luftwaffe was able to capture in a flyable condition. The crew was attempting to destroy the airplane by stuffing a parachute into a fuel tank and then firing a Very pistol flare into it. Unfortunately, the Germans arrived before they could get a fire started. He ended up as a P.O.W. and managed to escape twice, being captured again on both occasions.[1]
  2. Some parts of the aircraft were re-discovered on the site during the second half of 2013.[2]